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  • Juan

    Vocals, acoustic guitar


  • Brian

    Electric guitar


  • Tom



  • Joseph



  • Chris

    Electric guitar


Juan Carlos Avila

Full Name: Juan Carlos Avila
Instrument played in band: Acoustic Guitar
Other instruments: none
Length of time playing instrument(s): 8+ years
Length of time with GOOEY: Since the beginning (it’s my band!)
Other bands played in: Barton Biggs, the WrightWalleys
Musical influences: David Bowie, Beatles, Radiohead, Wilco, New Order, The Smiths
Write music: Yes
Write lyrics: Yes
Favorite saying or philosophy on life: “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Teddy Roosevelt

Brian Vaughan

Full Name: Brian Vaughan
Instrument played in band: Guitar, background vocals
Length of time playing instrument(s): 15 yrs.
Time with GOOEY: About 2 years
Other bands played in: Wanamaker, Metric System, The Baltimores, Monster Truck, Frog, Slippery Jill, Nightsoil Coolies, Girls with Tools
Musical influences: Velvet Underground, Neil Young, Minutemen, Otis Redding
Write music: A Little
Write lyrics: Not really
Favorite saying or philosophy on life: Every day is a new day

Tom Hickey

Full Name: Tom Hickey
Instrument played in band: Bass guitar
Other instruments: Keyboards, guitar
Length of time playing: 25 years
Time with GOOEY: 2 years
Other bands played in: The Pleegs
Musical influences: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Halen
Write Music: No
Write Lyrics: No
Favorite Saying or philosophy on life: Take care of family, treat people right and make sure you have fun.

Joseph Cartagena

Instrument played in the band- Drums
Other instruments- Afro-Caribbean drums and other hand drums and percussion.
Length of time playing- 32 years
Length of time with Gooey- Since Tuesday January 14th 2014 at 8:30pm.
Other bands played with- the Second Story, Brad Cole and numerous independent artist.
Influences- Many artist and several genres
Write music- Yes
Write lyrics- No
Life Philosophy- Whatever you do be good at it!

Chris Eudy

Full Name: Chris Eudy
Instrument played in band: Guitar
Other instruments: Bass, piano, very bad drums
Length of time playing instruments: 25 years (wow)
Time with GOOEY: About 8 years
Other bands played in: The Nubile Thangs!
Musical influences: Police, Smithereens, Pixies and John Peeler
Write music: Yes, here and there
Write lyrics: No, my poetry is a travesty
Favorite Saying or philosophy: Life isn’t fair and better you than me!

John Peeler: producer


Bobbie Mignin: contact/publicist